Thursday, June 14, 2012

It May Be Time To Start Up Again

Since I no longer will be doing a column for Hustler due to financial considerations in hard times for the publishing industry, I felt I needed an outlet to continue practicing the art of writing.  It's something I have come to love.

As opposed to my previous life on this page, this time I will only write when I feel like it and not force myself to update the page daily.  If I do, great.  If not... hey why say something when you have nothing to say.

So check in now and then to update yourself on my musings.


Patricia said...

Greetings Alex:
Please forgive me for my crude manner in trying to contact you.
I've been trying to voice my displeasure with XM/Sirius program change of Mike Malloy's show. I heard you tell a listener to contact you to get a message to the program director.
I called S/XM but was misunderstood, therefore got nowhere. HELP!!
Please tell the program director that I too am deeply affected by this change and would like to see the Mike Malloy show restored.
Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
Patricia Kunkel

Jim said...

A wise man speaks when he has something to say, a fool because he has to say something.

Bokiluis said...

Due to the continuing challenge for progressive liberal radio, it is near impossible to communicate with you. You can arrogantly say that I have a choice, NOT TO LISTEN. However, Sirius and KNEW/San Francisco's programming schedules kep changing. 6:00 am-9:00 a was once the time slot for te Stephanie Miller Show. Instead, your loud, obnoxious, "never lacking in opinions" show, intrudes. Coupled with that KNEW constantly runs annoying and offensive "right to work" ads. However, I am writing on 2nd January 2013 after your comments about "end of the year" movies. You stated that you understand Tarantino's use of the "n" word in that unrealistic, "Django Unchained" fantasy. Alex, do you think you are really in a position to weigh in on such a controversial topic? Of course you do! I wonder how you would feel about Spike Lee siding with the documentary that "debunked "The Last Days" from Spielberg and The Shoah Foundation. I suspect you would not be too happy. So, you don't care about my two cents, but, know that I find it offensive that you would try and judge Tarantino's rather offensive use of the "n" word.

iPadCary said...

Talk about writer's block ....

Alex said...

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I am, of course, willing to pay for the domain and could even provide you with some design services (I have edited for radio and am proficient with most design software).

Thanks for reading!


P.S As I couldn't find an email I will be sending this message to you in as many ways as possible. Sorry if this gets annoying!