Monday, March 9, 2009

Suspension Of This Blog For The Time Being

I started this blog because I wanted to see what it was like to do one. What I found was, that it was a lot of work.

If this were the only thing I did, then I could put all my energies towards it, but because I also have a radio program and a monthly column in Hustler, the time I could devote to such a product was limited. I also found that my "Facebook" page was giving me the most fun and support and served some of the same purposes.

So for the time being I am suspending work on this blog. It will continue to exist. I will from time to time when the mood strikes me write something and post old Hustler columns here.  I am not against people like yourself contributing to this page and if you send me a piece to , I will publish it.

Thanks for your interest.

Alex Bennett


The Cushite said...

I heard your comments today (May 20, 2011) on XM radio and wanted to respond. The concept of black and white is a fictional social invention. It's not only real, but was meant to demonize darker hued people and to promote lighter hued people. European elites needed to create a social caste system that would give them greater control of lands and resources of darker hued people. You're a very smart man, but it would be nice if you told the truth regarding this nonsense. African American, yes African American are realizing that it's far past the time that people recognize that in the year 2011,we need to get over this silly concept.

Anonymous said...

You do for radio what hitler did for the Jews ...talka boutta no talent!

Anonymous said...

Radio Jackoff ~ without Christina

YOU HAVE NO SHOW ~ It's time to retire gramps and go the great

proctology spook in the sky

mister know it all .............

Bamboo Harvester said...

Sunday morning rerun 2.5.12
this was some of the best fuckin radio I heard in years bar none !
Good Work Gang !!!