Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fuck G.M.!

Is that plain enough?  Those are my feelings about the whole sorry mess.  Let them rot in hell and go out of business!

Hey Alex why so pissed off?   Because dear reader they came begging for more money, $16.6 billion to be exact and maybe more in the future.   They are coming hat in hand to dig more money out of your pockets but this time they promise to clean up.  What do they say is cleaning up?  They want to close down plants and fire 47,000 workers and congress will probably give it to them.

Aren't we trying to save jobs not obliterate them?   What we should say is "here's the money but you can only use it to save jobs", but do you think any of those morons on Capitol Hill will have the balls to say that?

Look, G.M. has been running a bad business for a long time and on top that they kept putting out shitty cars.  The only thing that has saved them in the past were give backs by the unions and now they are out to screw them in this deal by letting 47, 000 of their number go.

Enough with the myth that if they go out of business subsidiary business' will be hurt by not supplying G.M. with parts and so on.  The cars will still be built just by the other car companies who will absorb the gap.  By the way if G.M. is selling and producing less cars as they say, then I suppose those business' have been impacted already.

So let G.M. die and give the $16.6 Billion dollars to those who will be out of work as a result. The money will be better spent.